2 years ago

Winter ONEderland Party Ideas

For any new mom, your child’s first birthday is so bitter sweet. It’s astonishing to see your tiny tot grow so much in such a short period of time. But you can’t help but be a bit sad that your little one is getting bigger. I wanted to have my daughter’s first birthday be special. Her birthday is right in the middle of winter. So I chose to do a Winter ONEderland theme.

(Some of the pictures are not of great quality since I took them with my phone at the time 2 years ago. But thankfully My photographer friend took some great ones and hers are credited.)

Happy Birthday!

When I started planning her first birthday party there were a few things I knew I wanted to do; A year of firsts, Watch me Grow, Wishes for Lucy and a Hot Cocoa bar.

A year of firsts was to display all of Lucy’s firsts. The tags are hard to see in the picture but some of them included first bath pictures, first Halloween, and her first outfit home from the hospital. (excuse me while I cry a little; I mean look at how small that thing is!?) I used some twine and clothes pins to display everything.FullSizeRender (20)

Every month during her first year I used some baby blocks to spell out how many months she was. It is mind blowing when you hang all the pictures up next to each other. You know your child is growing, but it is so amazing to see just how much she changed from month to month.

FullSizeRender (25)

Wishes for Lucy was my favorite. I have them all saved in her “first year box” so when she is little older we can look back and read them. I remember reading them with my husband the day after the  party. It was so sweet reading all the wishes people had for our child, and I cant wait to share them with her.

IMG_5143 IMG_5158pictures by BB Loren Photography

The hot Cocoa bar was a nice touch especially since it was so cold outside. Some of the toppings included Andes mints, caramels, and of course, marshmallows! I added some different creamers and whipped cream as well.

IMG_5155 IMG_5144pictures by BB Loren Photography

I also made a sign with all of Lucy’s “stats.” I included things like her favorite songs, how tall she was, and how much she weighed. I decided to keep this tradition with her birthdays. I enjoy looking back at different things she was into and what she was doing at the time.


I tried to label some of the foods with cute little names. Water was “melted snowmen”, white donut holes were “snowballs”, pretzel rods dipped in blue colored chocolate were “icicles”, and we used Oreos as “snowman buttons”.

I added little wintry touches around the house, to give it the ONEderland feel.1780784_10151886078236022_1998487509_n

IMG_5148pictures by BB Loren Photography

For the favors I just went to the local dollar store and bought some favor bags with snowflakes on them. I filled the bags with temporary tattoos and little snowmen  that I found on Oriental trading company’s website


I made a little banner for her high chair, since there’s really no way to dress that up.

FullSizeRender (19)Every birthday girl needs an outfit change, right? Well really I just didn’t want to mess up her beautiful blue lace outfit. I got the blue outfit, hat and onesie on ETSY. You can tell she’s real impressed right?

IMG_5156 IMG_5157

and it actually started snowing as the party began. So pretty!

p.s. ~

a few days later I was able to catch a little smile in the infamous blue lace outfit…