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Rocksbox Review & Special Offer Code

When I was approached about giving Rocksbox a try I was so excited! I’ve seen it everywhere. I mean who doesn’t like getting little gifts in the mail? I really believe that the right accessories can make any outfit shine!

Rocksbox is such a fun service. You fill out what types of jewelry you like, gold or silver? dainty or statement? or if your like me BOTH! You can also create a wish list and receive items straight from that.

They send you 3 pieces to try, almost like a rental. You can wear the jewelry, and see if you like it. When you’re ready, send the items back, or check out and keep them. They send you an envelope which makes it easy to return any items you decide not to keep. You can check in and give them feedback about what you liked or didn’t like, so your next box will get better and better.

Want your very own Rocksbox to try? for a limited time they’re offering you a 1 month free trialFREE!

What are you waiting for? Give it a try! Use code: michelletrarrowxoxo upon check out.

Check out my unboxing, and all the gorgeous pieces I received

Rocksbox Rocksbox


Rocksbox rocksbox rocksbox

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