2 months ago

Modern Map Art

Remember how I mentioned I was working on an office nook? Yea well, that’s still happening. But what’s nice is when it’s all finished I will have a lot of really cool decor. One of my Keep Reading

2 years ago

Vintage Inspired Engagement Shoot

All photos by Live Film I find something so romantic about the past. Before social media and texting, people connected in different ways. There was a time that lovers even went a few days without talking. Often people wrote each Keep Reading

2 years ago

Peppa Pig Party

As Daddy Pig would say, “I’m a bit of an expert” when planning parties. Ok so no, not really, but I do love parties, and planning them can be fun. For my daughters second birthday, Keep Reading

2 years ago

brooch bouquet

Last year, just a few weeks after my wedding  it finally sank in that all that hard work and planning was actually over. I felt a slight ping of sadness overcome me until I glanced over at Keep Reading

2 years ago

Happy Bags!

  If your like me, than you just enjoy giving. It seriously makes my day, just to do something for someone else, even if it is something small. A happy bag is the most perfect way Keep Reading