1 month ago

My Miscarriage Story

“All life, No matter how brief, matters.” I remember the day it happened like yesterday. It was your typical Thursday morning in October. Leaves were falling, and the sky was a grayish color, looking like it Keep Reading

2 months ago

Spicy Salsa Recipe

Chips and Salsa is one of my all time favorite snacks. For me the spicier the better! As the warmer months are approaching Salsa is a delicious and super easy appetizer you can serve at Keep Reading

2 months ago

Shoes on Stitch fix

Shoes on Stitch fix…WHAT!? (I literally said that out loud when I received the email last week.) When 2 of your favorite things come together its magical. For me, shoe shopping is fun when time allows Keep Reading

2 months ago

Kale Smoothie

Ok so I know what your thinking.. Kale? really? and my answer is yes! I am a huge fan of smoothies. They are a great on the go breakfast. After reading an article a while Keep Reading

3 months ago

Vintage Inspired Engagement Shoot

All photos by Live Film I find something so romantic about the past. Before social media and texting, people connected in different ways. There was a time that lovers even went a few days without talking. Often people wrote each Keep Reading